Identify Burnout And Thrive Post-Pandemic

Enlist Appropriate Professional Care In Support Of Health And Wellness

Whenever someone is surviving burnout or in crisis, it is critical to seek out immediate medical attention and enlist appropriate levels of professional support.

Obtain assessments from primary care physicians, medical specialists and licensed mental health professionals in your area with the capacity for ongoing treatment. Without adopting well-suited levels of assessment and treatment from trained experts, the risk of serious health failure and damage to one’s professional track record runs high. The hallmark features of burnout and ensuing health consequences, and the bigger implications these may have on everyday life, must take priority.

Prioritize Self-Care And Thrive

Once health and wellness have returned to baseline, consider investing in executive and/or personal coaching to implement a curated self-care and professional development plan that reflects your life vision, priorities and values (registration required).

Determine how the mindsets and motivational tools, relationships, health habits and social structures in your life contribute to and deter from your goals. With health and career sustainability in mind, consider how to optimize your strengths and existing skill set, identify potential avenues for growth and learning in order to thrive and build alignment across all areas of your life. Determine if your organization provides a learning and development budget for you and consider how to best utilize it as a resource to support your plans. Connect with employee resource groups (ERGs) for additional support and mentorship as well as professional communities in your industry.

Lastly, keep a close pulse on your day-to-day mindset, and pay attention to the choices and patterns that either sustain you or drain you of energy. Thriving takes effort to maintain, so be sure you are enlisting the right level of support and resources.

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