Welcome to my life coaching services, where I facilitate my clients’ journey of growth from their present to a place where they want to be, in whatever aspect of their life they choose to work – either personal or professional. My coaching sessions involve common sense thinking, questioning and planning held in a positive, solution focussed and non judgemental framework. Allow me to help you use your own talents and resources to tap into your inner wisdom to reach your goals, work on best actions, find your solutions and reach your full potential.


Living with purpose

Life is generally focussed on “doing” rather than “being”. We often ask “What do you do?” rather than “Who are you?”. Yet your life purpose is about being, not doing. By learning who you are through self-exploration, you will discover what motivates you and what comes naturally. By being true to yourself you will be better equipped to make good life decisions and enabled to find inspiration and inner-peace.

Youth Coaching

Many young people struggle with decisions around their choice of career or studies. Whilst all education and skills learnt are valuable, changing a path of study or work can create stress, confusion and guilt, as well as additional time and costs. Helping teens and young adults to discover who they are, what drives them and what feels comfortable, will assist them in making career and study choices that will allow them to flourish, find direction and fulfilment.

Empty Nesters

One of my focus areas is working with women (and men!) experiencing empty nest. I help them to navigate the sense of loss and purposelessness many of them experience when their children leave home so that they can find a new purpose and enjoy an exciting and fulfilling life. With the right support and tools this time of life can be your best – discovering a new purpose, building new relationships, reaching personal goals or embarking on a new career.


What is life coaching?

A ‘coach’ or ‘carriage’ gets you to where you want to be. In life coaching we use the word ‘coach’ for someone who helps us to get from where we are now, to where we want to be in life. Life coaching has become popular as it helps people to claim back their power in every area of their life, from health, to relationships, to education, to finances and career building.

What can a life coach do?

A coach empowers people to reach any goal, dream or objective and helps people to overcome inner obstacles (like fear, self worth and procrastination). Individuals can be coached on any topic such as life goals, work and career aspirations, relationships, financial freedom, wellness, personal growth, inner obstacles and dream building. Life coaches help their clients to find their own best solutions.

What happens in a life coaching session?

A professional coach guides conversations or meetings, in such a way that the client establishes clear goals, (dreams, aspirations, objectives) and finds their own solutions, action plans, insights and clarity about how to reach that goal. The client is accountable for their own journey and commitment to their planned actions. As coaches, we don’t offer our solutions or our ideas about what the client should do.

How long is a life coaching session and where do sessions take place?

A session is usually 60 minutes. Sessions can be once-off or part of a package – weekly or monthly – short, medium or long term – according to your need. I am based in Durban, South Africa, but as all coaching is done on-line in the comfort of your own home or office I am available to coach anyone worldwide.





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