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Life is generally focussed on “doing” rather than “being”. “What do you do?” is the question that is always asked rather than “Who are you?”. Yet your life purpose is not about doing anything it’s about being. When you know who you are, the doing will come naturally – it will guide many of your life decisions and enable you to find happiness, fulfilment, peace, inspiration and direction – just by being true to yourself.


Research shows that close to 50% of young people enrol for the “wrong” course of study. Whilst no education is ever a waste, changing a path of study can create stress, confusion and guilt, in addition to the exta time and costs involved. Helping teens and young adults to discover who they are – what motivates and inspires them, what comes naturally and feels comfortable – will influence their big life decisions including the career path they choose.


When children leave home to study, travel or establish independence parents are often left with a sense of purposelessness or loss of identity. It’s common for parents to reevaluate their purpose, life or career. With the right support and tools this time of life can be an exciting one – discovering a new purpose, building new relationships, personal goals or embarking on a new career.

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Four benefits of life coaching identified by clients from an ICF (International Coaching Federation) survey:
80 %
Of clients improved their self-confidence
73 %
Of clients improved their relationships
73 %
Of clients improved their communication skills
63 %
Of clients improved their work-life balance


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